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Women's Retreat Registration on Friday, May 5, 2023 @ 4:00 PM

If you are registering more than one person, fill in the first person's information and hit Next, then use the "Register Another Person" button on the following page.
We prefer payment by credit or debit card.
If you must pay by check, STOP NOW and e-mail Lori Sapigao for instructions.
If you pay by check, you will not be registered until the check is received. Checks must be received by March 29th.
No refunds after March 31st,
However, if there is someone on the Waiting List who agrees to go and they pay, a refund will be happily given. 
If you selected Double, please list your roommate. 
If blank, you are indicating you are willing to share with someone and we will match you up!
*Is this your first retreat with us?:
*Did you attend last year?:
Vaccination and booster is required by the Villa.
If you DID NOT attend the retreat last year, please email a picture of both sides of your vaccination card or the online card link to Lori Sapigao
*Do you have any mobility issues?:
If so, please describe
*Do you need a gluten-free Communion option?:
Do you have any other food allergies?  
(While we may be able to provide compatible snack options for allergies, please note that the Villa menu does not accommodate food allergies).
If you would like to Donate to the Women's Retreat scholarship fund please use this link: Retreat Sponsorship Donations